Pros and Cons Of a DIY Local Move

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We can all agree on one – moving is everything but stress-free. It might even seem like a process full of never-ending choices, from choosing a new home to choosing local movers. One of the main choices is whether you should do it on your own, or if you should hire local movers to help you out. Both choices have their own pros and cons, so this decision is also not simple. Our goal is to try to help you out make this decision in an easier way. This is our list of pros and cons. 

  • What can you expect when moving on your own

Most people believe that a do it on your own move would be a better option for them, so we can start with this one. Most people think that a DIY move is cheaper than hiring local movers, less complex, and similar. But is that true? Let’s see what we gathered here. 

The first argument for a move performed without hiring local movers is that you will have full control. Depending on your needs, this might be considered a pro or a con. Moving on your own, without the help of local movers means that you will be in total control when it comes to packing materials to use, which truck to rent, who will help you, and so on. On the other hand, when hiring local movers you will usually have to stick to the chosen date, but when moving on your own, you can be flexible when it comes to this. You won’t have to worry about cancellation or rescheduling penalties that might occur when moving with local movers. If your main goal when making a decision whether you should hire furniture movers is to have your freedom then you might choose to move on your own. 

The main reason why many people decide not to hire local movers is the thought that it will affect the moving budget badly. DIY move is cheaper if it is performed the way it should. This is a bit tricky argument, so we will need to explain it a bit further. Many people think that moving on your own comes with no expenses at all, which is not true. Even when moving on your own, you will have some expenses such as renting a moving truck, getting the equipment needed for the move, packing supplies, and similar. All of this comes free of charge when hiring local movers. On the other hand, if you manage to plan your DIY move properly, it is way cheaper. You might consider getting moving supplies from some of your friends or family members who moved recently, and they can borrow your things such as tools, potentially moving blankets, and the rest.
Nowadays, there are many affordable movers, so people at the end of the day decide to hire them. If this is your only argument to perform the move on your own, you might consider calling local movers to learn more about the prices and services they are offering. After that, you should make the final call. 

Another thing that is similar to the organization is that you can choose when and how to pack when moving on your own. There is a rule that you should be packed up at least a day before your local movers arrive. When you are moving on your own, you can continue packing on a moving day, and you can choose how to pack up your bags and boxes. 

On the other hand, when not having local movers by your side, you might easily lose that control and your move might end up as a disaster. When you don’t have the date set and stone, it might easily lead to additional expenses due to not moving out in the agreed time. And once you see you are not even close to being moved out, you will probably reach out to local movers to help you, and all of them might be booked up. This will lead to a huge amount of stress that you want to avoid. DIY move might seem like a perfect dose of freedom at the beginning, but only if you are skilled enough to keep it under control. If you are in doubt, reach out to local movers at the beginning of the process to ensure everything is done properly. Be careful when making a decision. 

If you are still persistent to do the move on your own, don’t forget all of the heavy and large items that you have – you will be the one responsible for carrying those. And this is tricky for those who are not local movers because it can lead to injuries and damages. You will definitely have to ask your friends or family to help you carry those bulky items, and we can guarantee they won’t be thrilled. And if you live in a building with stairs, you might consider hiring local movers after all. Handling furniture u or down the stairs is difficult even for furniture movers, so don’t try doing it on your own. Also, another thing you will have to take into consideration is organizing the items inside the truck, so they can fit. This is something that local movers are experienced with, and it won’t be an issue for them, but for someone with a lack of experience, it might be tricky. Furthermore, you will have to make sure nothing gets damaged during the transport as well. 

DIY moves can lead to many problems that will lead to unexpected expenses, so make sure to have that in mind when making the decision. 

  • What can you expect when hiring local movers?

Now, let’s move forward and learn more about moving with the help of local movers. 

To continue in the same rhythm, firstly we will mention that there won’t be heavy lifting when it comes to hiring local movers. When you hire furniture movers, they will make sure your belongings are handled properly and safely. Don’t forget that local movers are trained, experienced, and skilled to handle your furniture no matter how heavy it is. You will forget about injuries, damages, small doors, stairs, elevators, long hallways because you will have professional local movers who will take care of that during the process. 

Local movers won’t help only with heavy lifting, but with planning your move as well. This will reduce the level of stress during relocation. You will have the support needed when it comes to planning and answering any questions. Most local movers have 24 hours available customer support, so you can reach out whenever you can. They will also help you with guidance on how to prepare for the move. This is especially helpful for those who are moving for the first time, since you are lacking in experience, having local movers to help you will be meaningful. 

One of the crucial reasons why people decide to hire local movers is the fact the basic coverage insurance is included. Just imagine the situation – you are having your friends and family over to help you out with your relocation and it is all fun and games until someone breaks something. And what now? Are you going to have a broken friendship over a broken item? Or you are going to ask your friends to refund the particular item? Of course not. Well, when hiring local movers, you will have the insurance included in the price. Even the best movers can damage something, which is normal when it comes to carrying heavy furniture, but when you have someone who will be there even during the hard times, it will feel easier. Professional local movers will be there to guide you through the claim process, and you will have to reach back to their team to file a claim. Most local movers have basic coverage insurance which is between 30 cents per pound and 60 cents per pound. If you have something that is very valuable, you should always purchase the additional insurance. 

Hiring local movers means your relocation will be done in a timely fashion. If you decide to perform the move on your own, you will need weeks and weeks of your time invested in this process. On the other hand, hiring local movers means that your relocation will be done in a day or two, depending on the size of your home. Local movers are skilled to handle any type of move no matter how complex it is in a very efficient way. They know how to disassemble and reassemble furniture fast, as well as wrapping up everything. 

Professional local movers are professionals for a good reason. They have the experience, equipment, knowledge, and numbers. For this reason, they will make sure your possessions are protected throughout the process. Most local movers have the necessary equipment that will reassure this. Standard service that local movers are offering includes tools for disassembly and reassembly, blankets, and plastic wrap to wrap up and protect your furniture. Most furniture movers will also bring moving dollies, straps, and wardrobe boxes that will be used for your hanging clothes. All you have to do is to find trusted local movers that will offer you an exceptional moving experience.

Now, when it comes to the moving budget, we must say that nowadays there are many affordable movers, you will just have to investigate. It is not enough to type the best movers on your google search for this but to call a couple of places to learn more. Local movers are affordable because they include everything that you will have to purchase additionally when moving on your own – moving equipment, professional local movers with a truck, moving insurance, etc. This way, hiring affordable movers will be more budget-friendly than covering each of these expenses on your own. 

Local movers are professionals that can also help you with packing, not just heavy furniture lifting and planning. In case you don’t have enough time to pack up, prepare, and execute your relocation, hiring furniture movers will be a lot helpful. If you decide to hire local movers to help you with packing as well, you should know that this will be a bit more expensive than moving only, but you will save a ton of time this way. Local movers will pack up your entire home and move you to your new location in a couple of days maximum. Another advantage when having local movers helping you with packing as well is the fact that they can bring their packing supplies as well, so you won’t have to worry about the number of boxes that you might need during the move or anything of that sort. Your only task will be to open the door for your local movers and relax while they are doing the rest of the job. 

On the other hand, there are people who don’t feel comfortable having strangers in their home, no matter how professional and trustworthy local movers are. If you feel the same way, you won’t be convinced to hire local movers anyhow. Not just that, but you won’t be as flexible as to when you are moving on your own. Local movers respect their time, and they expect you to respect it too. This means that you won’t be able to let your furniture movers a day before the move that you want to change the date or time without penalties. Many local movers require the deposit in order to put you on their schedule and if you cancel or reschedule your move at the last moment, they will keep that deposit. But you must admit this is the only fair for both sides. If someone is keeping the spot for you exclusively, you should let them know about every change ahead of time. 

Now, if you have decided to hire local movers for your upcoming relocation, you are in the right place, because Cameron Park Movers is one of the leading moving companies in the area. If you are looking for affordable movers who will handle your belongings with care, we are the local movers for you. Grab your phone and reach out to us to get your free moving quote! We cannot wait to work with you!