A to Z Moving Dictionary

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No matter if this is your first time moving or you are already experienced in this field, this moving dictionary we prepared will help you understand better your local movers. Every professional can easily get carried away when they start talking about something they know a lot about, but here is how you can keep track.

A – apartment moving

Apartment moving is a bit different than moving a home. You will need to coordinate your move between you, your building management and your moving company. That is why you need to find real professionals in the moving industry who can assist with every step of your local move.

B – blankets

Moving blankets are used as a protection for your bigger furniture. Local moving companies are renting these during your move to ensure your items are extra protected.

C – certificate of insurance

Certificate of insurance is a document that is often requested by a building management and your local moving company can provide you with it. You will need to ask you management to provide you with the building requirements that movers should meet and forward that to your moves.

D – dollies

Moving dollies are used for anything that is too heavy to be safely moved by movers strength only. There are different types of dollies and based on the item you have, your movers will decide which dolly they should use. Don’t forget to mention that you have the item that is excessively heavy when booking your move.

E – elevator reservation

If you are moving from or to a building with a service or freight elevator, you might have to reserve it. Make sure to check what time is available for you to reserve the elevator so you can coordinate with your local movers.

F – flat price

Rarely, moving companies can provide you with a flat rate for your move, which means you will get a full price that includes everything.

G – guaranteed rate

Once you book your moving service, your price should be guaranteed. Your moving company can’t change their rates after you booked with them, it is unprofessional.

H  – hourly rate

Most of the local movers are charging the hourly rates with a certain number of minimum hours. At the end of the day, you are paying for the time they spent moving you.

I – insurance

Moving insurance is included in the price with every licenced moving company. You should check what your moving company insurance policy is, but basic coverage insurance in this industry is 60 cents per pound.

L – licenced movers

You shouldn’t hire any moving company that is not licenced. If you hire unlicensed movers, there is a high chance they are not insured and if something happens on your move date, you won’t have any rights as a customer.

M – moving equipment

Standard moving equipment are moving tools, dollies, wrapping material and everything needed to safely perform your local move.

O – office move

Office move or commercial move is any business relocation, no matter how small or big it is. Schedule your local moving company to help you with every step of your office move and save yourself stress.

P – parking permit

With every moving company, the client is responsible to provide a parking spot or parking permit. In case there is no spot where movers can park and you know in advance that your street is narrow and that it is going to be difficult for movers to find parking, you should apply for a parking permit. Make sure to do so few days ahead of your local move because usually there is a few days process to get one. That way you will secure your parking spot and you won’t get a parking ticket.

S – stretch wrap

Plastic wrap or stretch wrap is used in combination with moving blankets to ensure the safety of your items during the relocation. Your belongings should be wrapped with both, moving blankets and plastic wrap because that is the safest way for their move.

T – tools

Moving tools are used to disassemble and reassemble your furniture in order to relocate everything safely.

W – wardrobe boxes

Wardrobe boxes are used to move your hanging clothes. Each wardrobe box can fit around 20-25 hangers. It is a great time-saver during your move, because you don’t have to pre-pack your hanging clothes.