Best 15 Moving Tips

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Planning of your local move is never a simple task, there is a lot to think of. Especially if this is your first time moving. That is why we prepared a guide that will help you perfectly organize your upcoming relocation. Here is a list of top 15 moving tips you should know!

  1. Write everything down

Moving is not a good moment to test your memory. Don’t risk to forget something no matter how important it is because you will feel stress out. Even little things can mean a lot. The best way to organize your move is to have a notebook where you will write everything related to your move. Having a check list will make your moving smooth.

  1. Do your research before you book your local movers

It is not enough to type ‘movers near me’, call first company on the list and book your move. Do your research. Ask about their prices and services, they should let you know about everything ahead of your move. Don’t forget to check if your movers are licensed, because if they are not, you should probably find another moving company. You need someone reliable and trustworthy for your upcoming relocation.

  1. Set your budget

Budget is very important task of your move and we completely understand that, but you should be realistic when setting your budget for a move. Sometimes, trying to save might end up costing more, so think about things you are saving on. You should never save on a quality local move company because they are responsible for safety of your items.

  1. Schedule your movers in time, so you don’t lose the perfect date

Once you decided what moving company you would like to use, don’t wait until the last second to book your movers. As soon as you make a decision secure your date.

  1. Start packing in time

Yes, we know packing is the least favorite task of your local move, but it is something that needs to be done and it needs to be done before your movers arrive. Don’t wait until one day before the move because you are not going to make it. Start with a least used room and leave the items you are frequently using for the last day.

  1. Sell, donate or get rid of

Moving is a perfect opportunity to get rid of all unwanted or unused items that you have around your home. Everything that you know your friends or family will use, give it to them, you will make them happy. For the rest of the belongings organize a garage sale or go to the Goodwill. Someone else will enjoy the items you are not using anymore.

  1. Label your boxes properly

Don’t forget to label the boxes, it will help your movers place your boxes where they should be and it will help you when unpacking. Also add if something is fragile or should be handled with care, so you can ensure the additional dose of safety.

  1. Take photos

If you have anything that is very valuable, you should probably get the additional insurance. In case you don’t want to spend your budget on that, at least take photos of those items before the move, just so you can feel extra safe in case something gets damaged.

  1. Don’t forget the essential box

Don’t forget to pack your lifesaver box. You should pack here everything you might need on a moving day and first night in your new home. Make sure to have enough water for you and you movers. Pack your charger here as well, just in case.

  1. Set some cleaning supplies aside

Before you leave your old home for good, you will probably need to finish cleaning after your movers load everything into the moving truck. You don’t want to leave your old home messy for you tenants or landlord.

  1. Charge your phone

There are plenty reasons why you will need your phone on a moving date. Not only your movers will call you before they arrive at your current location, but they might need directions to get to your new home. Especially if you new home is at a brand-new location.

  1. Organize baby sitter (or someone to take care of your pets)

Moving site is a dangerous for young kids and pets. That is why you should have someone taking care of your little once and keep them safe.

  1. Arrange your utilities early

We don’t have to explain how important it is to set your utilities early. Not only this will save you a lot of time and stress, but you will be fully prepared to enjoy your new home when you move in.

  1. Change your address officially

Change your address for all of your mail and also contact your bank to change you a billing zip code for your card.

  1. Make a layout of your new home before you get there

Most of the local moving companies are charging the hourly rates. You don’t want to pay for the hours your movers relocate your furniture within your home because you can’t find a perfect spot for that sofa. Visit your home before moving in and make a perfect layout.